No Models Were Harmed

Model: Hannah Ray Assistant: Charles Alejandrino

Model: Hannah Ray
Assistant: Charles Alejandrino

Had the most spontaneous shoot I've ever had in my career today with the absolutely stunning Hannah Ray. I was on the way to a dentist appointment (which I was 2 hours late to) when I got a text from Hannah asking me if I was free. I thankfully was (by rare occasion) and we decided to shoot together. Now I'm usually big on high-production, carefully lit shoots with predetermined shot lists and locations, but I was so excited to work with Hannah that we made due without all of that. I didn't even have Charles to assist for the first few looks of the shoot.

As always, though, new challenges are part of the fun. Hannah is definitely one of the best models I've worked with - and if you've never really grasped the concept of "making love to the camera," come on set with Hannah and you'll get a first-hand perspective on what it means. She's committed to the job, even when that means getting a 3-inch gash from a rusty chain link fence, or being a few feet away from a 12-story fall. (Seriously.)

After all that, though, shooting was a blast, and per tradition I took Hannah and Charles on a post-shoot meal of pizza and beer. Spontaneity pays off!

Click the photo to the left to check out the rest of Hannah's photos. (Still editing, so check back for new releases.) 

Check out Hannah's work below: