Beach Day

Model: Elizabeth Barraza Assistant: Charles Alejandrino

Model: Elizabeth Barraza
Assistant: Charles Alejandrino

Shot today with always beautiful Elizabeth today at Windansea. It was a gorgeous day all day, and it was no different at the beach. We had actually planned out this shoot a few weeks ago, and I had lots of prep work go into this shoot. My good friend and assistant Charles and I scouted the beach 2 weeks ago and took some reference photos, which I used to prep a shot list.

Fast forward to today, and we had a totally different beach. Rocks I had planned to shoot on were completely underwater. (The surfers out there are probably like - DUH. Tides!) So, we had to scrap the shot list and wing it. No worries though - that's part of the excitement of photography. Overcoming these kinds of challenges is half the fun. 

Throughout the shoot, Liz was a trooper. She was getting blasted by waves in between shots, but when you have a good model, you're gonna leave with some good shots.  And there were definitely some great shots.

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